We have a site here that is called in the Netherlands: School bench. And you can find your old school mates. I do not recall to have had any school mates, but there was a girl in 5th grade with red hair, I still remember today.
And when I signed up on school bench, just out of curiosity, who mailed me as the only one of all the people I went to school with? Right. The one girl that made me love redheads for a lifetime.

Is it a coincidence? Nah. I don’t believe in coincidence. Fate. I believe in fate. She is married now and is a grandmother and lives in the east of the Netherlands. But in my memory she hasn’t aged a day.

My old school in 1964, copyright Beeldbank Den Haag


8 thoughts on “My first memory of one friend

  1. I also believe in fate, Han. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story! Good reason to love red heads…oh and my hair is just a bit red. πŸ˜‰

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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