Difficult question and for an honest answer you should probably ask someone else.
I try to strengthen other people by giving them some of mine. Lean on me, I often say to people close to me. Lean on me, for I have strength enough. Take some of mine.

I only notice it when my strength weakens like in hospital will the gall bladder problem earlier this year. I’m a very fortunate man I get as much strength back as I give at the times I need it the most.


6 thoughts on “How do I encourage others?

  1. I am constantly encouraged by your posts and thoughts, Han. I agree with Abby…what we give to others, always seems to come back to us. And in that case, you should be overloaded with encouragement, strength and positive energy…as that is what you give to us along with your family and FTF friends.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Ofcourse, you got.
    and you deserved it.
    It is kike: give and get.
    But what I like on your post is, and what strong men have hard to accept :
    You knew you needed it.

    I like your post, Han.
    Thank you for it.

    Mona Lisa


  3. Sometimes we need strength and have to accept that we need to recharge, like a battery does. Your strength can vanish in an instant, and if it does it is a sign of strength to accept other peoples help.

    Thank you for your lovely words,


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