With sadness I have to tell you that my friend Appy is no longer with us. He died on Wednesday 6 september. Ab became ill some weeks ago and since than it was a steep hill downwards. His strength left him and he felt powerless. Just two weeks ago on a Monday I visited him to say goodbye. It was a very emotional goodbye, looking each other in the eye and know that this is the last time we meet. He still wrote daily short mails to his friend  Mona Lisa and to me, and Friday he told us he was helpless and his children were coming to him.
And now he has gone on his last trip. Let us hope it will be a safe one. I asked him if he was afraid to die, but he said he wasn’t. He was at peace with his life to end.
Ab will be cremated on Monday September 12th in the company of his wife, kids and sister.


He is the first friend in this blog world that I am loosing, the third close one in one and half years. 
After he is cremated there will be nothing left of him. He cleaned out his Google account, wiped out his blog so it is just like he was never there.
It is the reason why I will post yearly on September 12th a post to keep the memory of Ab alive, and with him all the wonderful people that we meet in this virtual world, and has left us too soon.
So Ab, and all our friends, will be still with us for a moment and not be forgotten.

11 thoughts on “Sad news, 2016.09.06

  1. Some how, I knew what news you were giving us…I was just thinking of our friend today. Sunday mornings just won't be the same…..he will not be forgotten, he lives on in our hears.
    Thank you for letting us know…
    hugs abby


  2. Every day I checked your post, I expected this news. Life is strange, he was always so concerned about his sister's health and now he's gone. From wellness to death in a matter of weeks. May he rest in peace. I will miss his Sunday posts.


  3. Thank you for letting us know, Han. I knew this was coming but somehow…it still hit me hard. Even though I didn't often comment on his blog, I will also miss his Sunday posts. Sending prayers and healing energy for you and all who loved him.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  4. the world's kindest soul has gone home.
    I feel blessed , he was My friend.
    As you do.
    Strange feelings.. No more posts, mails, WF.
    My prayers go to his family.

    Thank you Han, for this post about this man with big, big heart !
    He will have his speciell place in our hearts until it will be our time fly home.

    Thank you, Han.

    Mona Lisa


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