This is something I want to share and it has been a fantasy fetish to me for a long time. I remember like it was yesterday a Carlifornia Star movie called Pony Girl at the ranch. A movie that started the Pony Girl genre. It was released in 1986 and it awoke things in me that I never known. Since I discovered the video in 1986 I have always dreamed about Pet play.

My Wanita is no big fan of Pet Play so I will be dreaming about a Pet that is not beaten for no reason, you don’t beat your own Pet for no reason do you? A Pet that will be walked outside on a collar and a leash, and… Well it’s a well worked out fetish fantasy.

And now you know one more TMI that I shared today with you.

Scene from Pony Girl

8 thoughts on “Something to share

  1. Thank you , Han, gor sharing your fantasy with us.
    I wish you, experienced it iin your life . You never know. Maybe about some time Wanita will find it as hot as you do.

    Han, a pet shouldno't be BEATEN gor ANY

    Mona Lisa


  2. I'll share something with you. I'm with Wanita – not my thing, but to each his own. Who knows, she may change her mind. She seems much more accepting than I.

    On another note – No pet should ever be beaten, ever, ever


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