The last library I visited was the summer library. In the Netherlands we have a summer library. You register and don’t have to be a member of the library, anyone can register for free. And when the school vacation for the children begins the summer library opens and have a choice of 50 or so free e-books. And in July the books for adults are put there, for free. I read Swedish boots as a part of the reading in the summer library.

After the summer is over in September all books in the vacation library vanish into thin air. Each year you can read the books in the vacation season, and after that the vacation Library closes at 31st of August. It’s a very nice concept. I’m curious if this concept is lent from other countries.


8 thoughts on “The last library I visited

  1. Nothing like that here, altho' I like the concept!
    But it does seem like there are “Free Book” shelves about everywhere I go… you know, the “take one, leave one” exchange kinds? There's one at work, at the laundromat, at the local restaurant…


  2. Nothing like that here, Han. Our libraries are free year round as long as you are a resident, we check out books and then return them. Our local library has a lovely children's section and several programs for children.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  3. I understand from an American friend who lives in the Netherlands that the libraries in the US are so much better than ours. So much better and more books and free as well. Not like those in the Netherlands that have to pay for lending books.

    I wish we had more a system like yours,


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