I have already told you what I think of the advice to save for a rainy day. That doesn’t mean I’m not in favour of having some savings for things that need replacement, or a car that needs to be replaced in a few years time. The rainy days I’m talking about are 15 years away from me.

Rainy days is something we have plenty of, in the Netherlands. In the literal sense of the word. I don’t mind the rain so much. I guess I’m just happy to live in a country that has plenty of water. I never understood why “the blue planet” with all it’s oceans cannot filter the salt out of sea water and make pipelines to deserts and dry area’s. They can build thousands of kilometres of pipelines for oil, why not for water? They can make from crude oil gasoline, why cannot we filter salt water into clean sweet water? The climate would change, The crops in the field would bring life to hungry people.

Back from riding my cockhorse. What is the best part of a rainy day? The moment it stops and the air is humid and full of smells of the earth. That’t it.


8 thoughts on “The best part of a rainy day

  1. Thanks for the link, Cat. Very interesting. It confirms my belief that water desalinization should be in the world top 5 priorities.
    It will not only bring prosperity to the people in dry areas, it will save the planet.

    Sorry, feel strongly about this,


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