A simple pleasure.

I will do my Mother in Law next week a simple pleasure. We take her out at about 10:30. She has time to sleep late and dress and whatever she needs to do. After that we put her in the car and drive around the Dutch countryside. We don’t have a goal, except avoiding highways, and look from the car at the skies, the trees, the houses of rich people, the farmlands, long bridges over big rivers, tiny bridges over creeks.

And when it’s time we will drink a cup of coffee somewhere. And then we drive slowly back. Not slowly in speed, but slowly as in not-in-a-straight-line, the shortest route.

The tradition of aimlessly driving around started when my father and mother in law took their parents out for a drive. And we are the next generation sightseeing.

It’s a simple pleasure, but a huge pleasure for her.

My Car…


6 thoughts on “A simple pleasure

  1. What a lovely tradition, Han. I used to do the same with my boys when they were younger. We didn't have a lot of money and sometimes all we could afford was a drive and a trip to the park. Very pretty car…thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. We live and cope by what we have.. If we have more, we spend more.
    (We bought the car so we could easily transport a wheelchair in the trunk, but now my daughter has a car of her own, it's just too big really. Still it is worth almost nothing if you don't buy an expensive new one back, so we will keep this one until it blows out it's last fumes).



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