I have learned today there is a limit to what you can do to help others. I am a man and if there is a problem I have several solutions for it. You try solution one, and if that fails escalate to solution two and maybe three. I think in solutions like most men.

Women are wired differently and are open to empathy and not so practical as the male  race is supposed to behave. Well today was one of these days that my solutions did not work at all. I have tried everything and in the end I just listened and that seemed enough. I bite my tongue, and keep all this sane advice inside.

I wished I could do more….


8 thoughts on “What have I learned today?

  1. Sorry you had to bite your tongue, Han…hope it's not too painful. Personally, I like help and solutions but then I'm a bit different. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. I'm glad we are all different, Cat. The “women” above are in my inner circle and there are a few around beyond that. Smile.
    Just a lesson I remembered that some solutions take their time.

    Thank you for your comments, all of them,


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