This week will be about Corsets. What’s more feminine than a corset? What piece of underwear is supposed to be more arousing than a corset? I dunno.

So, this week I will show the corsets that I like very much. I have no connection with any of the suppliers, and are just random choices on the net of the corsets I like. So here are five of the corsets I like, and I would love to hear your opinion on each of them. Because I’m just the horny voyeur, and you’re the one that could be wearing them. Unless you’re a libidinous male bastard of course. In that case, your expertise is welcomed as well. I chose all corsets from Etsy, because real creativity is not in mass production, but in small businesses.

Ok, stop talking, this is number 1:

In the Ukraine there is this wonderful shop called Armstreet, and it produces since 2003 the most beautiful medieval costumes. One of them is this beautiful under bust corset: Archeress.

The first of five should be a corset with a history. Of course. It’s impossible not to love this Robyn Hood corset. Hand made out of natural suede.

This natural suede bodice corset design is based on patterns and decorations of European renaissance corset and also on later period German and French bodices. It has easily recognizable slope shoulder line and stand-up half-collar. Waist is tightly swifted while breast remains almost free. Front lacing gives necessary flexibility and fine fit. Decorative rolled edges laced along bottom and arm-slits complete the look.

Beautiful collar by the way

In the description there is nothing about the sexy look of the corset, how it shows of the breasts, how soft this suede must feel, how the arms are drawn backwards so the breasts will stick out.

If you like this one, it costs 224,37 and is available at Armstreet.


4 thoughts on “Corset week

  1. That is a lovely corset, Han and actually looks as if it would be comfortable and warm. Thanks for sharing…looking forward to your other selections.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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