Remember Corset Week? And I found out that the Neck Corset is as much fun and interesting and well… plain erotic as Corsets are. I will post these next few days the Neck Corsets I like.
No, the Neck Corsets I LOVE.

These are all available from Etsy and I have no ties or bonds with any of them whatsoever. I just want to point out those I love to see for you to get inspired. Nothing as erotic as a woman forced to look you in the eye and not be able to look down. It’s a power thing. But if it’s so pretty as this first one, it’s jewellery.

This one is made by Olga and on sale at Etsy for 52,58 euro.
This dramatic neck corset is made from stretch, black lace fabric with a floral print

  • The neck piece is reinforced with spiral steel boning
  • It laces up at the back through a set of silver grommets
  • The bottom is embellished with a black lace trim
  • One size fits most-for a neck of about 12.5 inches in circumference

It can be worn back to front, see how lovely it looks:


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