The doll seems a bit afraid of the collar, and the name “Penny’s dreadful Neck Corset, doesn’t help either. Lisa Anderson specifications of her hand sewn corset are:

  • Penny Dreadful inspired Vampire Neck Corset
  • Hand sewn neck corset/posture collar
  • Black pinstriped polyester/spandex fabric (5% spandex for a little give)
  • 9 strips of plastic boning
  • Silver laceup grommets at back
  • Black laceup cord
  • Black accent buttons in front
  • Penny Dreadful inspired neck corset
  • Modesty panel at back, allows this pattern to fit more neck sizes
  • Works well for bondage posture collar or Gothic bridal corset

Gothic bridal corset? Perhaps. It will make a wonderful bondage posture collar though.


12 thoughts on “Favourite two: Penny’s Dreadful Neck Corset

  1. It would be lovely to have a long neck like Penny Dreadful.
    Unfortunately, I don't and in addition to that I think I must have been hung or strangled in a past life because I can't even stand to wear a necklace, a scarf or a turtle neck – so the neck corset would definitely be out.


  2. This one is okay, Han but I agree with Abby…the one you shared yesterday is much more attractive. Also agree with Sunny…would have to have an awfully long neck for this one!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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