A real posture collar, this one. Made for one thing only, to look beautiful.

Head held high. Proud. Not allowed to watch downwards. Making your neck look as long as African women do. It’s what I always imagined in the training Carrie book.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful series!


9 thoughts on “Favourite five: The Posture Collar

  1. Sorry Han…don't like this one at all! I think my favorite is Nuit Indienne…could actually see that in different colors. Thanks for sharing all of these.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Beautiful handwork.
    this would end up under my nose..
    Sooo long..
    Who has so long neck?
    But, yes, it is a beautiful one.

    Thank you for this weeks ” ögongodis”, Han.

    Mona Lisa


  3. Indian Nights is beautiful, and there is absolutely no reason at all to apologize for not liking this one. I'm glad we don't have all the same tastes…

    Thank you for letting us know which one you liked best,



  4. Most of these corsets are made by your measurements, Mona Lisa, it's all custom work, that is why a lot of them are really expensive.

    Thank you for your comments on all of these. Witch one is your favourite?



  5. Doesn't matter Leigh, different tastes for different people. I'm glad were are all different but I'm sure you appreciate the creativity.

    Thank you for your comments. Won't ask you of your favourite, because probably none is really to your taste…



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