Every day I see a big ship full of containers with garbage going from Rotterdam to the Hague to dispose of the garbage the people of Rotterdam collected.
It makes you aware how much we throw away and what we do with that.

I saw on Facebook this movie that says Sweden burns all it garbage and only has 1% waste left. The Swedes, Mona Lisa will agree with do these things better than most countries. Is it possible do make less waste? Some people really take a stand in this issue like this woman does:


4 thoughts on “What a waste

  1. She has some good tips. I have a small storage container in the back of my car with all my reusable shopping bags. So before I go into a store, I will usually grab one, two or a handful…depending on where and what I'm shopping for. I also have one that I carry in my purse so if I end up needing an extra bag or had no intentions of shopping but see something, I have it. Haven't tried any of the produce bags yet…will have to check into that. Thanks for sharing, Han.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. There are more of these “tips & trics”, video's, but I like hers best.

    Reusable shopping bags are quite new here, we always had lots and lots and lots of plastic bags. Now you have to pay for plastic bags. We are Dutch, so we don't pay for them, and now we have reusable bags.



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