It will not come as a surprise that Waiting is an essential part of our play.
Waiting in a Nadu-way is very arousing. And waiting just for the door to open is an experience worth waiting for. Imagine you open the door. The door can be fully opened without hurting her. And she, with her knees soooo wide on the floor. It will hurt, I think to wait until her master comes along.

But think of the reward he will give her to find her this way! Loving submission with an exclamation mark!


8 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Keeling and waiting is part of my submission, and was difficult at first. That is a very submissive pose, but not sure I would ever be able to recover from it.
    hugs abby


  2. Like I said to Leigh, it's the gesture that counts. Imagine master coming in and finding you like this…

    Oh, Smile.
    Oh, I am a very visual orientated person..
    Sorry Abby, but I would love it if I were him!

    PS: No need for the wide knees, no law that says a cushion beneath the knees is forbidden!
    PS2: Keep the back straight, and the head proud high watching the door..


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