What was painfully obvious in the Nanowrimo-bar on the right, I came to terms with yesterday: I will not finish in November the 50.000 word challenge. Not a chance.

There are some good things coming from this challenge though. I have a detailed outline in my head how the storyline should look like and I will enjoy writing the story after this month as well.  I’m not making myself crazy over some story I have to finish in seven days. It’s just a date and it would have been nice if I could have done it, but now it’s time to finish the story in Dutch, so I can translate it in English at some later date.

It’s not like I’m going for the Nobel price in literature anyway, but than again, look at Bob Dylan, anything is possible. I’m keeping all options open…



12 thoughts on “I’m giving in

  1. I commend you for giving it a shot. I don't think that I have the discipline to participate in such a novel-writing challenge under such time constraints and I write for a living!

    So, you may not have finished your novel by the end of this month, but that's okay. You're going at your own pace. Eventually, you will have a completed novel and I will ask you to sign my printed copy (I still like books made out of paper). =)


  2. I agree with with CB, I truly admire the fact that you gave it your best shot, Han.

    You've got a good outline in your head which is definitely progress. Oh and I will want an autographed book also! Paper fan here. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  3. I'm a when the mood strikes, by the seat of my pants writer which is why I've never attempted NaNoWrite no matter how many emails they send.
    I applaud your effort and can't imagine what it would be like to think in one language and write in another. I have a difficult enough time in one.
    Whenever it's done, I will enjoy reading your words, of that there is no doubt.


  4. I don't think there's a lot of point to participating if you just end up frustrated. Much better to do as you're doing – use it as a boost, not a life-or-death matter.
    14187 words and a good outline are nothing to sneeze at. 🙂


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