Have you ever tried? Giving a glass of wine with a blindfold on? It’s not so easy as it looks. You have to make sure she feels a glass, she must open her mouth enough to let any amount of liquid in and swallow at the same time.
As for the giver: you have to hold the glass at the right angle, don’t act to quickly, have a steady hand no matter how excited the view makes you, and make sure it doesn’t spill over her white clothes. As my mother used to say wine stains are hard to remove…

No blindfold on the picture at the bottom: but another of my favourite themes: She is fully nude and sitting on her knees, and he is fully clothed and sitting on a chair. I blame “Training Carrie” for putting these pictures into my mind… She’s untrained of course, look at the position of her hands. A trained girl would never hold her right hand like that. Flat on her thighs they would be, emphasizing that he is in charge and that whatever he feeds her, she will drink.

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2htYRxn


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