“I cannot believe a have to tell a woman that what counts how she on the inside, and not her looks”, this is a discussion I had many times with my daughter. As we watched some tv-series and I commented how beautiful some character was, like how beautiful Meredith Grey is in Grey’s Anatomy. She didn’t understand I thought she was the prettiest woman on the face of the earth, but then again I had this romantic notion of women being more sensitive and more focussed on the inside than on the outside.

It is just my overly romantic idea of course. Women are just like all other human beings, and judge people only on their outside as well. Of course they do. But it’s nice to say it out loud:

She was beautiful deep down her soul.
She is beautiful.

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One thought on “Beautiful within

  1. Unfortunately many women think this way.
    True beauty come from the inside..our society does not show this.
    When every woman on a magazine cover has been photoshopped to look “perfect”, how are young girls supposed to feel when they don’t look like that?


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