Today, March 1st, is a day of closure and new beginnings. Closure in the sense that this Monday I did the last work on my daughters apartment. It was work of months to make it a good place for her to live. To be happy with her servicedog in her own appartment. To create a safe place for her, to create a warm place where she could feel at home. To make things financially possible not only to live there now, but for years to come. A fully adusted kitchen with a high low kitchen like this one:

Half January she moved in there, but on Monday the last thing: her curtains were hung and now her house is finished. She can start.
In February I redecorated her old sleeping room into a little office for me and a little studio for my daughter. It took more time than I originally thought it would take, because we had to make the room more soundproof not to annoy the neighbours while she is giving singing lessons here.

And now I am in this new room, behind my desk. A new beginning with only the two of us. Yes, I know it sounds heaven for those who want to play without the kids around, but I must confess it takes a little getting used to as well.

And I notice that I am quite tired of doing all that work. It was exactly a year ago my gall bladder was doing not-so-nice-things, and although I have no trouble any more from that, I seem to be tired all the time. So I will take it more easy than before.

Anyway, raise your glass to closures and new beginnings!

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