Reinbert de Leeuw conducted in 2016 Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, a work he had done until then rarely. a documentary was made about the creative process and the same team made a record of a complete execution. <span title=”Die is nu in de bioscoop te zien.

“>Which is now in theaters.
<span title=”Die is nu in de bioscoop te zien.

In his long career as a conductor heard Reinbert (1938), the St. Matthew Passion often, but he conducted the work rarely. <span title=”Toen hij in 2015 de partituur van de Matthäus ter hand nam, was dat pas de tweede maal dat hij het werk van Bach zou dirigeren.

“>When he took up the score of the St. Matthew in 2015, which was only the second time that he would conduct Bach’s work.At
the invitation of Holland Baroque de Leeuw studied the score again and
discovered things about the meaning of the music, the way Bach divided
the references in the text.
The text plays a major role in de Leeuw’s music and in the way he later would rehearse with soloists, he devoted much attention. <span title=”Het Nederlands Kamerkoor kreeg de opdracht frases als “Sind Blitze, sind Donner” bijna letterlijk uit te spugen.

“>Dutch Chamber Choir was commissioned phrases like ‘Sind Blitze, sind Donner “literally spit out. 
Documentarymaker Cherry Duyns explained the creative process firmly in the film The
Mission of St. Matthew Reinbert de Leeuw, who went to the Dutch
Film Festival premiere last year and later was shown in cinemas.
of the production was a recording of a complete performance of the work
in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. De Leeuw, as he
explained in the documentary, wanted it performed  there and not at the Concertgebouw, what a would have been
more obvious .

<span title=”Hoe dat moest, wist de Leeuw ook: “Ik weet wat Bach bedoeld heeft, dat kan ik niet helpen, dat is gewoon zo.”

way Holland Baroque with concertmaster Judith Steenbrink, Dutch Chamber
Choir and soloists perform Bach’s job is to follow the cinema very
close with the camera work of renowned cameramen as Erik van Empel and
Paul van den Bos.
soloists are Joanne Lunn (soprano), Delphine Galou (alto), Christopher
Watson (tenor), Tomáš Král (bass), Andreas Wolf (BC) and Benedikt
Kristjánsson (evangelist).
<span title=”Aan het eerste deel werkt ook het Roder Jongenskoor mee.

“>At the first part also contributes to Roder Boys Choir.
<span title=”Aan het eerste deel werkt ook het Roder Jongenskoor mee.

Besides the wide range of performances of the Passions of Bach, a filmed version of Reinbert be a nice addition. I will see the “Matthew Mission” later next week, but today I am going to see the “Matthew Passion” at the nearest movie theatre near my house. Oh, yes and because I have this gold card the entrance will be free as well. Smile. How great is that?

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