Some institutions, like Joris in Delft – or the “St. Joris Gasthuis” are determinative for the city and have it’s roots in the city. Everyone in Delft knows Joris in one way or the other. For example, my father and I have worked there a couple of years, my aunt worked there for over 20 years and another aunt was admitted to St. Joris because of her depressions. That’s right Joris is a mental hospital. 

It used to be a big secluded park with lots of old small one, two story high buildings. Joris is old, very old. It’s roots go back to 1394. With the merging of hospitals and “bringing mental care to the districts” one by one of the old houses were closed and now only one building has been left in the park that had so many “pavilions” once. 

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