My name is Han van Meegeren. Not Hans, but Han. The nickname is a tribute to the master forger that in the thirties of the 20th Century made “experts” believe his paintings were real Johannes Vermeer paintings. A nickname is a kind of fraud as well, but with the best intentions like Han van Meegeren probably had.

I’m from Delft, The Netherlands and live with my wife and daughter in the city Johannes Vermeer lived and worked. My blog is meant for a mature audience as it contains pictures I don’t want minors to see. Alas the blogging platforms do not have a good solution to prevent minors to visit your site.

For me, I am in a Dominant/submissive relationship with my wife, and the pictures I show here are an inspiration for us. If this is not your thing, perfectly OK with me, live and let live. This is a copy of my Blogger site, where people comment on my blog.