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Last day of A to Z challenge, first day of vacation

Today with the Z, just on time on April 30th, I finished the A-Z challenge. Each year it’s a real challenge, and each year I say I will start next year sooner. This year is no exception. So I will say it again: Next year I will give myself more time. Smile.

Today also my vacation begins. Well vacation… We will be in Leeuwarden for a few days and then move on to Arnhem for a few days as well. It will be nice to be gone almost a week. It seems a long time ago we went away, and we both need it… Smile again.

I hope you will enjoy the posts I made for the next week, as much as I did making them,
See you soon,


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Delft Z – Zangkoren

In Delft there are .. choirs (zangkoren). Just a few:

Ars Vocalis: The Delft Chamber Choir Ars Vocalis sings mostly classical works from renaissance to the present. And then both worldly and religious music.

Cantiamo. Cantiamo Delft is a unique girl choir consisting of 40 girls aged 15 and 35. Enthusiasm and passion for music is characteristic of this particular group of girls. My own daughter sang for many years in this choir.


The Chamber Choir Delft Blue is a choir of enthusiastic, experienced singers with an interest in a wide-ranging a-capella repertoire. From Bach’s Johannes Passion to Butans’ Lux Aeterna, from Monteverdi and Purcell to Manneken and Poulenc: Delft Blue is happy to meet the challenge. In addition, the choir is socially involved with singing for and with the elderly, on the light evening in Delft and a singing bike ride along social institutions.

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Delft Y – Yperstraat

Anyone that takes part in the A-Z challenge can tell you the Y is a difficult letter.

At last I found the Yperstraat in Delft. To be honest I had to look where it might be, never heard of Yperstraat, not that such a thing counts for something, but still…

Anyway, Yperstraat. Location in the middle of the inner city:

The name Yperstrtaat comes from the Belgian Textile workers who lived in Delft at the end of the sixteenth century. It was named after the Belgian town Ieper, or Yper. It certainly isn’t one of the most beautiful streets in Delft. There are some big autorepair companies and the parking deck is not doing anything beautiful for this street:


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Delft X – Xerxes DHC

In 1967 there was a football (soccer) club form Delft by the name of Xerxes DHC, Xerxes was from north Rotterdam and DHC was a soccer club from Delft. The played on an amateur level for a very, verly long time but in 1966 and 1967 Xerces DHC played in the professional Dutch league. Ok, It lasted two years and then they were broke and broken because of internal quarrels, but we are still very proud of those seasons.

And, no we did not win many games. But we played like lions…

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Delft W – Weather

Delft has a moderate maritime climate that is strongly influenced by the North Sea and the warm Gulf Stream. Due to this influence, summer and winter temperatures are relatively close to each other. In the summer months, the average daytime temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. In winter, the average daytime temperature is a few degrees above the freezing point. Long periods of frost or night frost do not happen here on a regular basis.

gemiddelde maximum temperatuur (°C) (average max. temp)
gemiddelde mininum termperatuur (average min. temp.)
gemiddeld aantal uren zon per dag (average hours of sun a day)
gemiddeld aantal dagen neerslag per maand (average number of days rain a month)
gemiddeld aantal millimetres neerslag per maand (average number of mm rain a month)

Once a year from 23 until 25 June we have a big festival in Delft that is called “Mooi weer spelen”. Acrobatics, plays, modern performance artists are taking part in this big outdoor Festival.
Unfortunately the weather is often so bad, you cannot talk about “nice weather games” Still, when it’s nice outside it can be very cosy in Delft.

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Delft V – Vinex wijken

Circa 5% of the population of Delft lives in the old inner city. The rest of us lives in the suburbs. “Vinex wijken” as they are called over here .

 The part that is called the “Binnenstad”, (inner city) is just a small part of Delft. You see it on the top of this picture third on the right as well as third on the left. side of the city.

There are many paces where people found a place to live. I live in Tanthof Wet a very crowded place were there live so many people whey have to make huge flats to be able to properly house them. Buitenhof, Voorhof, Tanthof are consist mainly of high flatbuildings, the rest of Delft Wippolder, Hof van Delft, Vrijenban are more or less low buildings, but then again also often old buildings.

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